The body carrying all is infinite. There is nothing that can leave without permission of the Gods. ~The Universal Law by Shadow.

The Father of Strength

Shadow, (in the old tongue known as Rra), is the God born along with his sister Light at the same moment. As her exact counterpart, all that is Shadow is the opposite of Light. He is the strength, where she is the weakness. He is the father and she is the mother. With his strength, Shadow conquered the will of the Souls that he found and decided to enslave them for his benefit and the benefit of all. Along with Light, they decided to let the Universe be governed by day and night, another contrary of each other.
The Father resides in Nyx, the Throne of Shadow.


There is no accurate depiction of Shadow. In many variations, it is clear that Shadow is a man of massive stature in any way, with pitch black skin. Despite that fact, his appearance varies in each culture, often having more than two arms or multiple heads. When approaching a Being in person, Shadow is an animal of strength, most often a bear or a wolf, speaking telepathically to the being. In war, Shadow is a man with six arms, each holding a massive warhammer, while wearing a massive plate armor made out of onyx.

Miel's Star


Miel's Star

The Star of Miel is a necklace worn by all that are behind the terms the strong govern the weak, the ground principle of Shadow's belief.

Other names in association

  • Rra (in old tongue)
  • The Father
  • The Night

Morals and Ethics

For many, Shadow is not a man of scripture. He distributes duelist rules from time to time. His teachings are taught through acting.

  • Strength is a gift and should be used.
  • The strong govern the weak.
  • Obey the strongest or become the strongest.
  • Oppression is a challenge to overpower.
  • Fight first, talk later.

Tests of Faith

There are simple ways to receive acknowledgement from Shadow, with these being milestones to achieve:

  • Enslavement: Enslave a person of close to equal strength or overcome the slavery from an oppressor.
  • Rite of Brotherhood: Form a companionship with equally powerful brethren under the same cause.
  • Written in Blood: Slay a comrade in arms to achieve power.
  • Forge Chains: Become an owner of multiple slaves and/or trade them.
  • Manslaughter: The King is dead. Long live the King! Become the strongest of a land and reign in your liking.