Without observation, facts fall into oblivion. ~The Universal Law of Sindabad.

Queen of Oblivion

People forget, that is the very essence of Sindabad, (in the old tongue known as Usq). The Goddess is a beast that feeds off of lost knowledge, allowing a preservation of Legends, Myths and rumors into the realm of Oblivion, the Throne of Sindabad. This Goddess, though rarely working in the open, wants to earn all knowledge to fight her brother and nemesis Xul. By losing knowledge to the point that the realm of mortals forgets it, it is brought into Oblivion and locked up there forever.


Sindabad is a husk of a woman, wrapped in bandages that contain nothing but the ashes and bones of a dead woman. Scribe robes and a satchel garnish the figure. Whenever the Goddess wages war, she removes all these items and becomes a large woman wearing robes made out of parchment paper, books and quills, wielding a set of halberds and spears.

Empty Books

You never write, you never tell. Books in possession must be kept empty to portray that oblivion will eventually take all knowledge.

Other Names in Association

  • Usq (old tongue, pronounced like 'tusk' without the T)
  • Oblivion Incarnate
  • Chrysalis

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