"This moustache-twirling gentleman is sitting in a large, padded armchair, observing the room with a vigilant glance from his misty grey eyes. From behind his spectacles his watchful eyes spark with bemused genius, his entire bearing speaking of mirthful exuberance."

Sixtus Asher is the founder of the newly created Asher dynasty, a conglomerate that has started to acquire large parts of Boreal's natural forest, drawing in resources to fuel their ever-growing empire and feed its hungry, all-consuming maw. Born in in a small village on the green continent of Natalis, Sixtus is a tinker and engineer without equal (or so he thinks). Displaying magnificent creativity, an avid thirst for knowledge and the endurance to pursue his ambitious plans until the very end, he singlehandedly developed the rudimentary plans for the locomotive which would later be known as the Lancer, easing the transportation of timber among Boreal's dispersed villages before going on to create the railway that connects the bustling centres of Natalis' commerce. 

Sixtus owes much of his success to his adoptive father and mentor, Tiberius Melonquis, an aging inventor, whose machinations tended to blow up more often than not but whose insight into the construction of clockwork was still startling. He adopted Sixtus after his family died in a tragic landside, that buried most of Sixtus' humble home town. It was Tiberius who provided the necessary opportunities for the gifted young man to bloom into the genius and logistics magnate he is today and it was Tiberius who sparked in Sixtus the unyielding desire to shape the world through technology, breaking fre from enmity and conflict by providing wealth and peace for everyone on Natalis. An aspiring dream, which Sixtus still pursues today, although he has lost much of the naivéte and the warmth that kindled in his youth.