A Soulweapon is a manifestation of the Being's Soul as a form of weapon. Although being an actual piece of the user's Soul, a Soulweapon can be destroyed by normal means and show no direct impact on the well-being. Upon destruction, it takes a little time for a Being to be able to manifest a new one, though. In order for a Being to be able to cast a Soulweapon, the Being in question requires proper mental training and the Ethrealis injected into the body.


The form of a Soulweapon is different on each user. It can take the shape of a sword, axe, dagger or other bladed weapons, or become weapons able to shoot projectiles. Nevertheless, such a weapon leaves visible traces of the ethereal energies, even in the Earthen plane. This is an easy way to see a difference between a Soulweapon and an actual Creation.


The Soulweapon is used in a fight like the weapon it represents, but the skill is calculated by the Soulweapon skill instead of the actual weapon skill. Also, each net-hit which would normally result in additional Body Damage is calculated as Stun Damage, therefore making a Soulweapon one of the few (if only) weapons to be able to harm both body and mind.