On this body of all, there are living and unliving pieces. ~The Universal Law by Syle

The Mask of Honor

Syle, (in the old tongue written as Sil), is an obscure God or Goddess. Throughout the Universe, Syle served as a supportive figure to it's brother Shadow. Even when Syle did not come to terms with Shadow's wish to enslave all Souls, it remained on the side of those that want to regulate and govern the Universe, rather than let anarchy or chaos rule every day.
Residing in The Just Heaven, Syle provides shelter to the honorable.


Though there are many various depictions of Syle, there are no real clues about the actual appearance or the gender of the God. Syle itself is more known as an Aura or a mask, rather a living figure. Even in war, Syle decides to be worn as a mask, rather than fighting itself.


While worshipers of Syle do not have a distinct symbol to identify their faith and beliefs towards the God, many warriors and Magi alike wear masks to emphasize their belief of honor in battle. Some of these warriors are also known to wear Miel's Star, a symbol dedicated to Shadow.

Other Names in Association

  • Sil (in old tongue)
  • Most Honorable Warrior
  • The Duelist

Morals and Ethics

  • A promise shall be kept and not spoken in vain.
  • Governed by the wise, you obey their advice.
  • Dishonoring you and your ancestors cannot be cleansed. You may call for absolution.

Tests of Faith

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