Everything has a body. Everything has an energy. ~The Universal Law by Tether

Weaver of Bonds

Tether (in the old tongue known as Tht) has ever been the God with the most care for the Universe. Many times in a time of war, Tether traveled the Universe and repaired the damage that had been done to it by his brethren. The result was most notably the creation of planets and the fact that the Universe did not obliterate in it's own demise. Ever since then, Tether is on the endless journey to repair and maintain the Universe.


There are not many depictions of Tether and those that do exist are most possibly inaccurate. Tether is imagined as a large worm, floating in the space of the Universe, which would make him one of the few Gods that does not take a humanoid shape at any time. However, depictions of war show Tether as a flamboyant man with large sewing needles as weapons, hence the connection between weaving and bonding the Universe.

The All-Bonding Needle

Needles, especially sewing needles, are symbols of Tether's work. Tailors may perform under the guidance of the Weaver of Bonds, though do rarely show religious commitment. A common image seen is a Needle with a thread that is looping like an infinity-symbol.

Other Names in Association

  • Tht (pronounced "Thead") (in old tongue)
  • Yufar (Name/Title given to very talented tailors)