As one of the most infamous organizations, the Eyes of the Veiled are perceived as a ruthless group of assassins that kill any Being that walks the wrong path. While this rumor may be true, they just as often recruit those Beings into their own ranks and train them.


The Eyes of the Veiled, or short just the Veiled, are living in clans, each having their secrets and powers. If a clan's secret is uncovered, it is common for that clan to unify with the one that discovered the secret. Should an outsider (someone not affiliated with the Veiled) know such a secret, the Veiled recruit that Being or make sure that the secret cannot be spread.



The symbol of the Eyes of the Veiled. Usually depicted on spheres or orbs.

Sanguine took a liking to the Veiled, as they spill blood whenever it is favorable. He was the one that wove the Ethereal Manifest with the planet the Veiled originate. Since then, many Demons of wrath affiliate themselves with the Veiled and are often approached as mentors for newcomers.