Out of the legends and myths across the Universe, the Hanged Man is the most mysterious one. He(?) is the gatekeeper of the infamous Market. Whenever a Being wishes to enter the pocket-dimension, they have to present themselves to him, before he offers them passage.


The Hanged Man is a very grotesque figure, resembling a giant man that was killed many times over. He wears a robe that is torn and charred on its seams, a rotten burlap sack over his head and moldy sandals. Blood is sprayed across his body, both fresh and old. Large steel bolts protrude out of his "hood" and drip fresh blood all the time. His forearms are cut on his wrist and across them.

He wields a massive, spiked flail that looks just as worn down as the man carrying it. It is large enough to crush a normal-sized Being completely in one swipe.


There is little known of the Hanged Man and what is known might as well be rumors. He appeared as the gatekeeper of the Market shortly after its founding. His appearance is similar to the victims of the cleansing of the Universe from servants of the Exiled One shortly after the ignition of the Universe. However, as much as he resembles them, there are no signs of any allegiance in him.