The Market is the infamous place of the Universe, serving as the central point of the Universe. It is a pocket-dimension within the Ethereal, an ever-growing city surrounded by a multicolored, impassable fog. The inhabitants of the Market are shadowy figures and are known to buy and sell anything to anyone.

Entering the Market

The Market was established to be entered from any planet or any place of the Ethereal. Within the Earthen, there are portals scattered across the planets. The most common form is a large gate in front of traditional temples. For a character to use these portals, they require a Title with them and present themselves to The Hanged Man, the mysterious gatekeeper of the Market. Only then, he opens the portal to the Market and allows entry.

It is much more easy to enter the Market through the Ethereal; you still require a Title, but you can teleport yourself to the Market without any trouble then. If you try to enter the Market without a Title, the Hanged Man will block the way.


The main population of the Market consists of shady merchants of any race. There are Beings born in the Market, referred to as Merchborn, who live there for their whole life as slaves to whoever offers the most coin. There was a census close to the end of the Age of Shards, counting close to a billion Souls present in the Market.


Anything is coin in the Market. The dimension was enchanted to allow any Being inside to know exchange rates in the blink of an eye. However, no matter what coin you have with you, it is more advisable to trade Souls and Titles, which are basically the real currency within the Market.

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