While not exactly a full Magic Circle itself, the Oath of Bond is a set of Magic that has been practiced by many Mages over and over again. The arcane arts within the spells are filled with the infinite knowledge that Magic itself can be as powerful as the Creation powers of the Gods.

There are only two specific spells in the Oath of Bond; Summoning and Banishing.

Summoning is the spell of creating Spirits and lesser Beings and putting them into their control. These creatures receive the powers from the Mana of the channeling. Before channeling, a Mage has to be clear of what she wants to summon. Only then, a Mage may perform the summoning. A table for the appropriate Summonings are down below.

Banishing on the other hand is a spell that drives Spirits away from the area. The strength of the spell is like an attack on the willpower of the Spirit in question. The Banishing works as a Touch Attack against the Spirit, dealing the hits in "Stun Damage" to the Spirit.

Summoning Table

Spirit Summoning

Summoning a Spirit may become a problem over time, as Spirits are only attracted and controlled by the spell, not created like lesser Beings. A Spirit has a chance to free itself from this "mind-control". At the end of every Combat Turn, the Spirit rolls 1d20 + (Amount of Turns). If the complete roll reaches 20 or higher, the Spirit breaks free. Depending on the Spirit, it might turn against the Mage. (Curses are omitted from the table, due to being part of the Anima Venenata Magic Circle)

Spirit Minimum Hits Health Bonus Channeling Penalty
Figment 1 0 2
Emovere 2 1 per 2 net-hits 4
Ghost 2 0 4
Sprite 5 1 per net-hit 6
Spectre 6 0 6

Lesser Being Summoning

Lesser Beings that are summoned are known to be more controllable than Spirits, despite the fact that Spirits have much higher application purposes.

A lesser Being that is summoned may not break free from the mind-control and dissipate automatically when defeated or dechanneled. However, they are more prone to control-spells than their naturally born brethren.

Purpose/Class Minimum Hits Health Bonus Channeling Penalty Dire-Upgrade
Supportive* * * * *
Attack-Wolf 2 1 per 2 net-hits 3 6
Attack-Bear 5 1 per net-hit 4 10
Strike-Eagle 2 1 per 2 net-hits 1 5
Strike-Snake 3 1 per 2 net-hits 2 8

*Supportive lesser Beings receive their stats depending on the role of support they fulfill. Examples of lesser Beings and their roll are fireflies to illuminate a surrounding area or oxen to help pull heavy equipment or carriages.