For the Ethereal purposes, this is not a pocket-dimension. The rules of the Ethereal apply here

The Old Battlefield is the place where the First War of the Gods took place and later on became the spot in the Second War of the Gods where Light and Shadow fought one another and ignited The Universe. This place is an ashen field of corpses and death. For those powerful enough to risk themselves to travel these wastes might find some weapons and accessories of use to them, but the risk might be to lose their life to the hands of the Godsblood Sand or something sinister that lurks the Grounds of the Ethereal.

The Ethereal
Higher Plains The Market * Arcana Academia * The Siren's Nest * Hell
Lower Plains The Scar * Mausoleum * Envyara * Mournhold * The Asylum * Hæl
The Grounds The Old Battlefield * Frozen Time * A Dead Child * Fetid Ashes
The Thrones White Cathedral * Nyx * The Just Heaven

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