The Sisters of Light is an Ethereal Manifest and portrays the charity and selflessness of the Mother of Kindness. She and all sisters follow a path of tolerance and unity, in which all strive to unfold their wishes without harming another. All people of all gender that are faithful to Light are called 'Sisters'. Though this is the overall term for those that pray to the Goddess, the priestesses and healers are more commonly referred to as such.


The people of Light live in equality and liberty. They tolerate one another and live in harmony. Those that are aggressive or unable to partake in social customs are considered fallen off the right path, at which point people want to help that person and try to understand the problem at hand.

However, Demons are not accepted in any way, as they are the spawn of sin and their bodies resemble everything that the Sisters want to remove from the Universe; the constant struggle of harm and hatred.



The Light's Rose as symbol of tolerance.

Despite being a very tolerant figure, Light is the only deity or elder Being to be addressed as the leading figure. All other Beings and people living under the guiding hand of their Goddess are equal, with no need to follow one person specifically but the Mother of Kindness. Titles are also scarce amongst the people of higher rank.