The Smitherine is an omnipresent (most often non-religious) foundation created by blacksmiths on planets. The grouping is first and foremost founded on the need of a proper message network amongst blacksmiths, as well as giving outsiders an opportunity to receive proper training by blacksmiths that have the time to educate, rather than crafting.


Blacksmiths are very individual in their lifestyles, therefore making it hard to establish specific set of traditions and customs for them. Of course, like any other trade, blacksmiths usually pass their knowledge down to their children, creating individual family businesses. In larger cities, such families often join together in guilds, from which point on they usually have a strict code of conduct apt for their surroundings.


If the blacksmiths are religious, they are believing in one of three Gods or more; Alqeera, which is the Anvil that forges with the smiths hand in hand, Gral, the Foundation that creates the strongest furnace, and Mar'iel, the Hammer that invigorates the strength of the smiths.

While very rare to be seen, some blacksmiths focus their trade in war, often associating their work with other Gods, such as Shadow or Sanguine.