(not to be mistaken with references, an overall term for certain types of beings or groupings)

Titles, also known as Kaeldra's Trinkets, are magical supplements to the Soul of a Being containing streams of energies. Originally, these energies were shards of the Soul that were allegedly responsible for ascending, but Kaeldra collected all shards amongst the Universe and infused them into threads of gold. With that adaptation, titles are extractable from Souls and recently deceased Beings within the Ethereal or with the proper training. The myth that these parts of the soul were responsible for ascending were then revoked.

Possible Titles

Name Effects
Beast +4 to all attack rolls
Scholar +2 to Intelligence in non-combat situations
Graceful +2 to all non-combat Dexterity rolls
Spiritwalker +2 dices to initiative within the Ethereal
Dragonslayer +4 on attack and defense rolls against Dragons; +2 to social skill rolls towards people that recognize you as Dragonslayer; +2 on defense rolls against fire based damage