"The serpent slew the drake. Its black blood made the grounds fertile and the abundant meat provided a rich feast to the slitherer. His vigilance protected him. His eyes were set on the ground, wherein the evil was entombed, the very ground which nurtured and served his people. It drew from the stone, it drew from the soil and it drew from the meat. Soon it would combat the ursurper and cleanse the evil from the land." - The prophecy Ur, I, Verse 3

Insight from Logic

Ur the Prophet was a chosen of the God Kaios. He is believed to have been a Magus of the human race, master of the Arcana and native to the world of Natalis. He has been the subject of much speculation and rumor has it, that he is still residing on Natalis while others are of the opinion that he has indeed been the first Magus, who was allowed to ascend through his service to Kaios. Others, still are of the opinion that he has indeed died and his soul been wiped from the face of the Universe. The Church of Ur, which is located in Mandrealis , his supposed birthplace and residence, holds the opinion that he did indeed ascend and become one of Kaios's personal servants.

All this, however, is mere speculation as the only evidence of Ur's existence are the followers he left behind, which eventually blossomed into a cult and reformed as the Church of Ur, when Mandrealis achieved the status of a city and the tomes that contain his prophecies, along with several paintings that have been preserved through the ages. The former contain about fifteen hundred pages worth of more or less vague predictions, some of which are written in poetic metre, some of which are written in prose. The latter, while seemingly random scribbles of large caverns created by an aging madman, have been made into relics and are worshipped in the largest temples of mandrealis, where they have been replicated in large mosaics that adorn the ground of the churches that have been erected in Ur's name. The city itself is designed in a way that is derived from an underlying geometric design that is recurrent in all of his paintings and shows up time and time again in varying positions.