Each and every living shall conserve energy. ~The Universal Law by Xul

Arcanum Infinitum

Xul, (the same as in the old tongue), is the God that created the conservation and distribution of energies, later to be known as Magic. Each Being contains their own energies, so does every other living creature or anything in the Universe. However, this Universal Law has a loophole to it once the layers of the Universe split. After the physical plane and the spirit plane were brought apart, energies that were normally conserved by a physical shape began flowing around. These energies can be drawn into a Being to create, reshape and use. Since then, Xul has been known as the judge of the Magi, the natural-born users of this art of energy conservation.

Many believe that Xul created the Spectre spirits in order to relief itself from the duty of governing all the Magi and Magicians that came to existence. Although this might be plausible, there are many recordings of Xul itself judging over strong Magi that were to harm the Universe in its foundation.


To most Beings, Xul would appear as a wise figure. For those that openly reject wisdom and knowledge as power are shown a horrid shadow of a Being, something close to a walking carcass. In times of war, Xul becomes a large, bipedal being of elements. It's head is a ball of fire, the arms cyclones, the torso of earth and the legs of water.

The Mind's Eye

Many Magi and Magicians tattoo themselves with runes of the old tongue, or symbols resembling the pure elements. A very common aberration to these traditional body paints is a symmetrical eye, inked onto the forehead of the Magi.

Other Names in Association

  • (The name is pronounced with a German "X", so similar to "Ksool" rather "Exool")
  • Grandmaster of Thaumaturgy
  • High Counselor Zemus