For many Beings, the name Yufar means an expert tailor. The craftsmanship of a Yufar is beyond standard and the name is a symbol of luxury expertise. The origin of the name is an old man that received divine enlightenment by Tether. The God wished for a robe of the fines materials and of most beautiful embroidery. Yufar, who was a master of his trade, accepted the challenge of the God and began sewing, only to find himself desperate of finding the cloth and materials worthy of a divine Being.

This search became an herculean task for the old man. He made sewing needles specifically for this robe, made finest silk threads out of the rarest silk he could find and employed fifty Magi only for the creation of a divine cloth. He even sacrificed parts of his body and mind, traveling to the Ethereal and drawing sand from the very soil of the spirit realm.

In the end, Yufar made what is known as the Varisora Robe, presenting it to Tether. Though very pleased with the produced robe, the Weaver of Bonds only wanted to test the craftsmanship of the man. The God granted Yufar immortality.

Since then, Yufar travels alongside Tether and repairs the Universe whenever needed. His knowledge of tailoring was passed down to worshipers of Tether, who in return strife to become just as magnificent as Yufar himself.