Energy of the unliving is given to the body of all in time. ~The Universal Law by Zenith.

The Rising Sun

With the birth of Zenith (in the old tongue known as Hrh), the Universe received the ability to perceive time. Before, time seemed to flow in accord to the actions of Beings, rather than the simple passage of it. While this was not a great achievement in the eyes of the Gods, it gave age to the Universe and it's inhabitants.

Since then, Zenith played a major part of the creation of the planets and the repair of the Universe.


Zenith is a God with many depictions, so many in fact that it is impossible to give him a shape that can be commonly conceived as one. Solid facts are, that Zenith refers to itself as a male, that the Rising Sun is benumbed of any emotion and that whosoever stands in it's way is smitten with the power of the sun. In war, Zenith wears glowing embers, as if he were a sun himself, riding a burning horse into battle.

The Rising Sun

Not only is the Rising Sun the Title of the God, but also the omnipresent symbol of faith towards him.

Other Names in Association

  • Hrh (pronounced "Hirr") (in old tongue)
  • The Shining Light
  • Solar Paragon